Nov 8 2009

house away from home

By Ryan & Betsy

Behold, you are looking at a major contributor to Linus’ many bruises…the play house at school. As you can imagine, the house is one of the more popular toys at school; the kids love to sit inside it and play. To Linus and his best friend George, however, it is actually a wrestling ring meant to be toppled while you stand inside of it. They like to go inside and push the house’s walls from the inside until the house does a 90 degree flip. I’d say this results in a bump or bruise about 50% of the time, considering how many Incident Reports I’ve had to sign over the last month.

Just hanging out in the house with George

Jun 21 2009

big boy at school

By Ryan & Betsy

Now that Linus is able to sit up all by himself–without any pillows behind him–he likes to sit and play with his school buddies.

The other day when I went to pick him up from school, I found him in the daycare office with one of his teachers. While she worked on the computer, he kept her company…in his own office chair. He thought it was pretty cool, sitting in that chair all by himself.

May 22 2009

i love my friends

By Ryan & Betsy

Linus loves school more and more every day. As soon as we get into his classroom, he starts smiling at everyone-both his teachers and his buddies. Sometimes I’ll go down on my lunch break to feed him, and it’s basically me shoveling food in his already-open, smiling mouth.

This is him smiling at Julia. She’s about a year and a half old and a girl, but otherwise she and Linus are twins: both bald, big fat cheeks and not really that different in size. The other day, they were both in their undershirts and jeans and I could barely tell them apart. Anyway, Linus LOVES her.

No smiles left for Mom. I’ve been replaced by another woman already!

That’s his teacher, Catherine, and Julia.

Here’s a pic I snapped on my way back from lunch one day. Linus was out with his buds, on their way out the playground, so of course I had to take an extra 10 minutes to hang on the playground with them. There were several infant classrooms outside, and the teachers tried unsuccessfully for a group photo.

Is it just me or is his head three times the size of everyone else’s?

Apr 2 2009

first report card

By Ryan & Betsy

This week, Linus received his first report card. Enjoy:

I had no idea that Linus was so into finger puppets.

(for those of you who are visually impaired, click on the report card, then click on “All Sizes” to see the large version)

Feb 19 2009

school buddies

By Ryan & Betsy

So today as I returning to work from my lunch break, I was walking along one of the corridors in my building when what do I see? A crowd of people oohing and aahing over a group of babies going for their daily walk. Hoping that I would see Linus in the bunch, I hurried over to join the crowd and lo and behold…there was Linus, riding in the group stroller with his school buddies.

Can you tell which one he is? Those are his teachers Jamella and Catherine, along with his buddies Julia, Lucinda, Silas, and Peyton. His other buddy, George, was absent today.

I thought this scene was hysterical, so I ran upstairs and borrowed somone’s iPhone so I could snap few pictures. Something about seeing Linus on a school field trip in the lobby of the Discovery building really cracked me up. I am so lucky that I get to see him during the day! There is nothing like a surprise visit from your baby in the middle of the work day.

I couldn’t tell if Linus recognized me when he saw me. He looked so intrigued with all the sights and sounds–the lobby is huge and very bright, and sound echoes loudly in it. He was quietly taking it all in.