Jul 14 2009

water baby

By Ryan & Betsy

Here’s the boat floatie I mentioned earlier. It was a BIG hit with the kid. Here he is eyeing his cousins, plotting how to ram into them like bumper cars.

Colton & Sulley would like to know what’s the deal with that jerk in the car behind them. Get off our bumper, man!

Rush hour traffic is stressful for everybody.

After the pool, it’s time to take a break from the water…in the lake!

…and then back to the pool. This kid can’t get enough of the water!

May 25 2009

pool time

By Ryan & Betsy

This weekend marked Linus’ first trips to the pool. Saturday we met the Arlington Allen’s at Belle Haven CC, where we braved the chilly baby pool. It was COLD, but none of the kids-Linus included-seemed to care. Notice how the only swim gear he’s sporting is a swim diaper. No bathing suit, no SPF water shirt, no swimmies, nothing. I didn’t even realize that he would need a bathing suit until I saw all the other little kids in theirs…duh!

Linus became super excited when he spotted his cousin Sulley across the pool. It was either because he recognized her…

…or because he loves pink swim gear…but either way, he was loving some Sulley Bear!

Sulley, however, was more interested in removing his hat.