Nov 15 2009

park with the cousins

By Ryan & Betsy

Cousins Colton and Sulley visited us in Silver Spring last week and the weather was perfect for the park. The kids had a great time, except for when we tried to get a group picture of them in their Vail fleeces (gifts from Baba & Granddad)…Sulley wasn’t a big fan.

hanging out on the slide

the best group photo of the day

Colton and Sulley make a run for it. Linus thinks about how much he loves the slide.

You can’t tell from this picture, but Linus actually enjoys swinging. He leans really far back the whole time and looks super uncomfortable, but I can tell he likes it.

Linus is more of a “I’m just here for the ride” kinda guy. Hey, at least Ryan was having fun.

After a while, Linus let us know he was ready for a bottle by throwing a complete fit. I imagine that in his mind, he’s saying in a nasty tone, “It’s about time you gave me this bottle. Thanks for letting me starve, Mom.