Dec 14 2008

baby party

By Ryan & Betsy

Thanks to Stacey and The Gary for a great Baby Holiday Party! I think at one point there were at least ten babies at the house…it was definitely a big change from holiday parties of years past. Linus wore his Christmas sleeper (thanks Baba) and behaved very well all night. I think he is going through some sort of growth spurt because he seems to be eating much more over the past few days…he seems pretty happy most of the time as long as he is not hungry. I haven’t had any screaming fits (yet) that I can’t resolve by the usual remedies–diaper change, burping, food, etc., although I’m sure I just jinxed myself by saying that.

It was great fun to line up all the babies on the couch for the photo shoot…at least it was fun for us parents.

Here’s Linus with cousins Colton & Sulley. This was their first meeting and as you can clearly see, they got along fabulously.

Ingrid incorrectly believed herself to be baby-free by hiring a babysitter for Lucy. Not so fast, Ing! Everyone is fair game as temporary baby-holder! Here she is with Ollie & Linus in their matching outfits.