Jun 1 2009

six months

By Ryan & Betsy

Here’s Linus at his sixth-month checkup with Dr. Snow. He had a lot of fun ripping up the paper on the patient table. He’s now up to 19lb 15oz and is 28″ tall. For those of you that are into speaking in terms of percentiles, that puts him in the “ridiculously fat and tall” category (seriously though, I think it’s 90% and 95%, respectively). In other growth news, Linus is starting to prop himself up on all fours, although he can’t really make any forward progress. This, however, doesn’t stop him from getting where he needs to go; in addition to his standard MO of rolling everywhere, he now covers ground by turning in circles. It looks like this: Linus is on his tummy, and the toy is a few inches out of reach. He rotates in 360 degree circles, with each rotation putting him a little closer to his goal. After two or three circles, he can usually get what he wants.

His first tooth appeared right around his 6th month birthday, and it did cause some crying for a few days, but I think that’s over with now. Hopefully I’ll be able to snap a pic of it one of these days.

Dec 2 2008

i’m a big boy now!

By Ryan & Betsy

Linus went in for his second doctor’s appointment today and we were pleased to hear that he has surpassed his birth weight and now weighs 8 lb 15 oz! This was a relief since he had dropped down to below 8 lb.

Attention Stacey and Grey: we challenge Ollie to a Fat Baby contest. Grand prize is gastric bypass surgery.