Sep 7 2009

emotional roller coaster

By Ryan & Betsy

I know I shouldn’t be amused by these pictures, especially because I now know that the little guy was suffering from dual ear infections…but these shots crack me up. He had just woken up from a nap and was a little out of sorts.

so sad…

If he could talk, he’d be saying, “Mom, maybe you could stop taking pictures and actually pick me up or something. Just an idea.” Because, you know, Linus can be real sarcastic when he’s hungry.

Not to worry though-he quickly recovered and seemingly forgot about whatever it was that was bothering him.

I swear, I do take him out of his crib every once in a while.

Aug 25 2009

4 out of 5 pediatricians do not approve

By Ryan & Betsy

Linus’ new preferred position for sleeping

Jun 24 2009

surrounded by friends

By Ryan & Betsy

One thing I’ve noticed about Linus at school is that he is always surrounded by fun things–all of his buddies, his fun teachers, and literally hundreds of toys everywhere. Sometimes I’ll go downstairs for a quick visit and find him in the “pool” (it’s basically a two-feet wide circular mat with a padded lip around it) with toys covering every inch of the floor…it’s literally a pool of toys.

I mentioned to Ryan how much he seemed to like his toy pool, and Ryan subsequently filled his crib with stuffed animals and other toys. I think it’s safe to say that Linus was pleased with this development.

Jun 14 2009


By Ryan & Betsy

Sometimes we find Linus sideways in his crib, with his legs sticking out in between the crib slats.

The side view:

It doesn’t get much more laid back than this guy:

May 25 2009

hello there

By Ryan & Betsy

This is how we often find Linus in his crib: playing instead of sleeping. He’s getting more and more active; he now scoots all around and is never in the same position as when we left him. We’ve dropped the mattress level once and already need to drop it again, since he’s trying to pull up on the mobile (which he likes to turn on and off). He has a great time playing in his there, chewing on things and squealing with happiness.