Sep 10 2009

fun with the hose

By Ryan & Betsy

We had a fantastic time at Smith Mountain Lake over Labor Day weekend! Congratulations to Kim & Will, who had the most beautiful wedding ever…complete with a rainbow, frolicking deer & turkeys, and a gorgeous mountain setting. And of course, great friends! Baba & Granddad got to spend some quality time with Linus while Ryan & I stayed at the Hotel Roanoke Friday and Saturday night. By the way, Linus says he’s sorry, Baba & Granddad, for not sleeping at all while mom & dad were gone. He promises to sleep better next time.

And just when you thought I was never going to circle back to the hose fun, here are some pics of Linus playing in his beloved kiddie pool on the dock.

He had so much fun playing with his grandparents.

Playing chase with Baba

I love the lake!

Dec 14 2008

thank goodness for grandmas

By Ryan & Betsy

Ryan, Linus and I are sad because our slave Baba left to go home today. She had been here since Tuesday basically acting as our maid, cook, personal shopper, and nanny. This is especially exciting for me because I pretty much detest all chores relating to the professions mentioned above. One of the best parts of having Baba here is that she insists on taking over Linus’ night feedings, which means that Ryan and I get to…wait for it…SLEEP ALL NIGHT! As a big fan of sleep, I am eternally grateful for Baba’s help.