Oct 3 2010

this is how we watch the redskins

By Ryan & Betsy

Yeah, I saw that game too. I feel kind of bad raising my child to be a Redskins/Gamecocks fan. Talk about setting him up for chronic disappointment.

On a side note…check out that mop on his head!

One way that we keep Linus occupied while we watch football is by covering the coffee table with paper and supplying dozens of crayons. He loves it! He’s graduated from scribbled straight lines to scribbled circles. Mostly though, he just tries to color on top of anything that Ryan draws.

Jul 4 2010

fourth of july

By Ryan & Betsy

We had the coldest Fourth of July of our lives: 75 degrees! It was absolutely gorgeous, and a great opportunity to break out the new baby pool.


We are really classing up the new neighborhood.

Jun 30 2010

baba & granddad visit venice

By Ryan & Betsy

We had a fabulous visit from Baba & Granddad, although you’ll never know it from the four pictures I snapped the whole time they were here. Here’s a picture of us on our way to hangover hell. Thanks for the stiff drinks, Ryan!

Aren’t Ryan and Dad cute in their matching jackets?

Eating Low Country Boil on the back porch. The only reason I know we did this is because there are pictures to prove it. Later, Mom fell out of her chair, and I decided to nap on Linus’ bedroom floor.

Jun 13 2010

We’re back!

By Ryan & Betsy

Yes, we are still alive. I took a little hiatus because…well, because I felt like it. Sue me!

Please enjoy some photos of Linus enjoying peanut butter.

He’s not really a nazi.

Jun 8 2010

canals or candy? candy, please

By Ryan & Betsy

This weekend we rode our bikes to the Venice canals. There are a lot of really cool houses along them. Obvious trivia: Venice got its name after Venice, Italy and its canals.

view of the canal

Before long, Linus got whiny, but he perked up when Ryan told him he had some snacks.

Wow, someone really likes snacks.

He was dancing and laughing like a crazy person while Ryan unwrapped the bag of fruit snacks.

The excitement continues…

When we finally got the bag open, he immediately sat down in the middle of the sidewalk so that he could put all of his attention toward eating. I guess it’s pretty clear what comes first in Linus’ book. Oh, and about ten minutes later, we saw some people feeding bread to some ducks in the water. One of the people thought that Linus would enjoy feeding them too, so a young girl offered Linus a piece of bread to throw. Guess what he did with it? Yes, faithful reader, you are correct…he took the bread and ate it. And everyone laughed. I was not surprised at all.

Jun 5 2010

first bike ride

By Ryan & Betsy

Here’s Linus on his first bike ride! After realizing that the beach is about a 30 minute walk from our house, we decided we needed Linus to be “bike ready.” So we found this cool seat that sits kinda around the handlebars. It’s great because he can see what’s going on (instead of staring at Ryan’s back) and plus you can talk to him without having to turn around. The first time we put him in it, he screamed for almost five full minutes. Not surprisingly, he hated the helmet and I think he was a little freaked out by the whole idea of riding a bike (which was surprising, because I’ve never seen him scared of anything before), so Ryan rode him around screaming while I pedaled furiously back to the house for a pacifier and sippy cup….which quieted him right up. After that he was perfectly happy! By the way, that’s Lindsay Lohan’s Escalade in the background (sorry, I couldn’t resist. I guess at some point I’ll be a cool Angeleno and not be so star struck, but until then, I’d like to report that since being here in Venice, I’ve seen Alyson Hannigan–twice–and Elijah Wood…and of course LL’s weekend stay at a house two doors down from me. Oh yeah and Jeff Lewis from Flippin’ Out at a party in Hollywood. Okay I’m done now.).

May 31 2010

good morning!

By Ryan & Betsy

Linus’ new bedroom is on the top floor and has windows on three walls…so there’s a lot of sunshine coming through in the morning. The result is that he’s waking up pretty early (early for him, anyway–around 7:30 or 8:00). Once he’s awake, he sits in his crib and plays, talks, and reads his books. I put a ton of stuff in there to keep him occupied in the morning, if you can’t tell. I heard him talking this morning and stuck my camera around the corner to snap a pic. He was flipping through “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?” and chatting to himself.

Uh-oh, I’m busted

This is how he greets us every morning. Pretty cute!

May 31 2010

hello, california!

By Ryan & Betsy

We woke up on our borrrowed inflatable mattress and waited for the moving van to arrive…and it finally did! It barely fit down our street!

We spent the next couple of days unpacking and putting things away.

I was resting in front yard sunshine when Linus decided to come hang out on top of me.

Linus is going to be skateboarding and surfing in no time!

May 31 2010

car ride out West

By Ryan & Betsy

As we made our way out West, we only stopped at two landmarks: Graceland and the Grand Canyon. Graceland probably would’ve been cooler if we had been able to spend more time there, and if we weren’t running through it because Linus had a dirty diaper and was stinking up the whole place (see picture below when we realize that we’re stuck in the mansion with no diaper bag).

I’m pretty sure we were somewhere in New Mexico here.

After three days of driving, we stayed in Flagstaff and then drove to the Grand Canyon in the morning. It was gorgeous! Please note Ryan’s deathgrip on Linus.

May 30 2010

Trip down South

By Ryan & Betsy

Our week at the beach was great! After watching the moving van leave Flora Lane with all of our stuff in it, we picked up Linus from school for the last time (we miss you Tonya, Catherine, Antonilla, Aja, Callie, Jamellah…and all the other awesome ladies there!) and hit the road to Beaufort, SC for Ryan’s cousin Kristen’s wedding. Somehow the only picture I managed to snap while we were there was this:

That’s Linus hiding in the cabinet of our hotel room. He is completely obsessed with anything that has a door attached to it.

It really is a shame that we don’t have more pictures because Beaufort was beautiful. The wedding was a lot of fun and we got to stay a night on the water by Aunt Jan & Uncle Parks’ beach house. After a few days in Beaufort, we headed an hour or two north to Folly Beach, where we’d stay for the next six nights for Tiff’s wedding. We had so much fun seeing everyone and spending a whole week right on the beach! Linus was in the wedding (as you can see, we had to plug him with his paci so he wasn’t screaming down the aisle) as the ring bearer. He looked so cute in his little tux.

His shirt wouldn’t stay tucked in and his vest barely fit around his belly…so it was kind of a casual style tux, but a tux nonetheless. I guess that’s what you get for $30.

Linus had an absolute blast everytime we made it down to the water. He would immediately run straight for the ocean and run in and out of the surf, giggling hysterically or yelling while pointing at the water. He loved putting seashells in his bucket, eating sand, and sucking on beer bottles (there were plenty of those around). Because we were staying at the wedding house on the beach, there were always a ton of friends gathered out on the beach, so Linus had a great audience.