we participated in a marathon!

By Ryan & Betsy

We heard there was a marathon going past our house, so we decided to walk over there and cheer people on while we digested our Krispy Kremes donuts. Actually, I don’t remember if we went to Krispy Kreme that particular morning, but considering it was a Saturday and I was pregnant…I think the odds are pretty good.

I don’t have a lot (any) of experience with marathons, but apparently the race organizers set up various forms of entertainment for the runners. Of course, the path through Venice featured a bikini-clad fire juggler. I don’t know if it was planned or just ironic, but she happened to be performing steps from a fire station. Oh yes, and there was some very strange techno music blaring too. Anyway, Linus was smitten with this freakshow.

On a sidenote, despite Linus’s attire, it was actually in the 70’s. But hey, if he wants to wear a thick sweatshirt and wool hat, fine with me.

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  • Lorenzo Says:

    I printed out the map just so I can color too. However, this is one time when it’s rellay important to stay within the lines.Let’s hope my blue crayon gets worn down to a nub tonight.

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