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By Ryan & Betsy

For those of you who don’t know already, Ryan and I have moved to a new house in Venice. It’s actually only about five blocks from our old place. When we found out our previous landlord hadn’t been paying the mortgage (we received a notice that the house was going to the auction block just three weeks away–and did I mention I was 38 weeks pregnant?), we immediately started looking for other places that would accommodate two adults, two children, and two large, annoying dogs. Luckily, we found a house that we LOVE. The dogs are very happy with this change even though they have a smaller yard than before because now we (and when I say “we”, I mean “Ryan”) are taking them for lots more walks around the ‘hood. Sometimes, when Ryan feels like walking 0.2mph, he takes Linus with him. Linus is not what I would call a “fast walker”. But we try to take him whenever we can because it’s good for him to learn that there is more to being a dog owner than yelling at them to stop barking.

The new house has an open layout downstairs that leads to a small outside deck. To Ryan’s dismay, this has lead to a total disregard of the no shoes inside policy, because Linus is constantly running back and forth between inside and outside.

Plus you can just run around and eat and the same time. Note that Linus prefers to move at a snail’s pace when walking the dogs, but during mealtime he runs.

Linus LOVES his baby brother. He helps us by consoling Jonah when he cries: “Don’t cry, Baby Jonah. It’s okay.” He also informs me of the reason for Jonah’s crying: “I think he hungry,” or “He tired. He need to go to sleep.” Or today he told me, “He want his mommy.” And then he gave Jonah his Toy Story doll, Woody. Now THAT is true love.

Here are some more pics of Jonah. For his 10 week check up, Jonah is almost 14 pounds and is 70% weight, 50% height. He also is in the bottom 2% for best hair, poor thing. He has patches of it just hanging around, ruining his chances of an infant modeling career. I came home from work yesterday and he looked huge to me. It’s so weird how that happens. He’s smiling a lot and getting interested in studying objects and his hands. He also seems to be adjusting just fine to our nanny, Maria, who I also really like, not only because she takes fantastic care of Jonah but also does laundry, tidies the house, and yesterday she washed and changed our bed sheets. YES!

He’s not quite as Buddha-ish as he appears here, but I think this one’s funny.

Studying Daddy

Such a sweetie.


3 Responses to “new house stuff and more”

  • Brantley Says:

    Several comments…
    1. Please send Maria to my house pronto.
    2. Linus might be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.
    3. Jonah is really cute too, and I especially like him because we have the same birthday.
    4. Be thankful that your older boy is sweet to baby brother…when Roper was born Mason only wanted to bite him.
    5. Ryan has almost the same ratio of salt to pepper in his hair as Graem does.

  • kay Says:

    HOORAY!! More pics on the blog AND very cute pics indeed. Jonah is getting cuter by the day and not the spitting image of his bro as I once thought. Can’t wait to squeeze him.

  • betsy Says:

    Thank you for your comments. Please see my responses below:
    1. Completely out of the question
    2. Thanks! I think he’s pretty cute too.
    3. March 22 is an awesome birthday, although I would have preferred that he had arrived on time (one week earlier). Those last few weeks are tough!
    4. Mason sounds like his daddy.
    5. I liken the salt and pepper hair to George Clooney.

    We need to see you guys sometime! Love to your boys : )

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