By Ryan & Betsy

Jonah Mock Drennan was born March 22, 2011 amongst the stars at Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles. He was a big boy–8lb 130z–so I guess I’m not too upset that I ended up with another c-section. And I won’t go on and on about how horrible labor is, but can I just say that those women who claim to love labor and childbirth are clearly psychotic.


As so many second children before him, Jonah doesn’t stand a chance of competing with his older sibling in terms of the number of photos taken. If I had to estimate the ratio of infant Linus photos versus infant Jonah photos, I would put it at approximately 396:3, or for those of you who think you’re really smart (read: everyone in the Allen family, who unfortunately are the only people reading this), 132:1.

So, I will do my best to dig up some Jonah photos. They’re not great, but I guess they’re better than nothing (?):

Here’s our family portrait at the hospital. Tired, anyone?

Linus really loves his little brother, or “Baby Jonah,” as he calls him. I think this started from his cousin being called “Baby Judson” while we were visiting DC. He hasn’t paid him much attention, but when he does he is very sweet.

Here we are at the park when Jonah was a little over three weeks old. I would like for everyone to know that my roots are supposed to be showing. It’s called hombre style highlights and some very fashionable movie stars have similar ‘do’s. And, I have since been to the salon and I now look much better. So you can just save your snarky comments.

Baba came to stay with us for three whole weeks. It was kind of like…oh, I dunno…dying and going to heaven? Yes, that’s exactly what it was like. I’ve never been to heaven but I’m pretty sure that Baba lives there and takes care of your every need.

Just over a month old

Here is he is Charleston in Marie’s Moses basket. Jonah is happiest when completely engulfed in blankets or being held (or preferably both).


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